My Very First Pull Request

We worked on the issue RAD-138 and we finally made our first pull request! Initially I had tried cloning from, and setting up two remotes, one for our team, and one from the base repository. My goal was to be able to pull from the main repository, and have our team push and pull to the cloned version I created. This worked for those purposes, but I had some difficulty squashing commits into a single commit due to me merging the OpenMRS master into our branch between doing work on the code, and work on the related tests.

I realized after struggling with squashing commits that I needed to fork the repository to send a pull request anyways, so I forked the repository and cherry-picked my commits from my previous branch, squashed them, and pushed them to a new branch on the forked repository. I learned a lot about git rebase, git cherry-pick, and how pull requests work in the process. It would likely have been tremendously helpful if I had actually read The OpenMRS Contributing Guide before beginning, as they explain how to set up the repositories, and use git pull –rebase to more easily squash commits, but I think learning more about git hands-on was incredibly beneficial.

I hope our pull request gets accepted and will let the world know 🙂

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